Samsung and KDDI Demonstrate Real Time 4K Video Communication Powered by 5G at a Japanese Train Station

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Samsung Electronics and KDDI today declared that they have effectively finished a 5G test with continuous transmission of 4K ultra-superior quality (UHD) reconnaissance video on a train stage, the first in Japan. Together with Waseda University, Keihin Corporation, and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), Samsung exhibited powerful interchanges through 4K UHD video utilizing a 28GHz band 5G base station to improve traveler security in Tokyo.

The exhibition was led from November 21 to December 21, 2018 at the Haneda Airport International Terminal in Ota, Tokyo. As the quantity of approaching guests is consistently expanding, Samsung and KDDI have been dealing with this present reality situation, fueled by 5G, to make their movements more secure and progressively helpful.

“There was a particular need with this task to give astounding video in a way that was sufficiently hearty to be depended upon on a bustling transport organize in Tokyo,” said Yoshiaki Uchida, Member of the Board, Executive Vice President at KDDI. “It was accordingly basic that we work with Samsung, an organization we have a current 5G association with, just as other confided in accomplices to convey an answer that will help the train framework give a superior administration in the 5G period.”

“When managing security arrangements, there is no place for blunder, so we needed to assemble an administration that made the best utilization of the high speeds offered by 5G,” said Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. “Through our joint effort with KDDI, we displayed the potential for 5G innovation to offer dimensions of value and security that were beforehand unimaginable.”

Utilizing 5G has empowered the fruitful transmission of a lot of video information, which used to be hard to accomplish through customary portable correspondences. Gathering and breaking down 4K UHD recordings continuously will expel a portion of the weights from the staff accountable for continually checking film. It will likewise help them in recognizing risks ahead of time and enhancing by and large wellbeing.

Amid the showing, the video records gathered from both 4K surveillance cameras and security robots watching the station were sent by means of tablets utilizing 5G. At that point, the documents were gotten by the base station to be shown on the screen and VR goggles in the checking room. Additionally, identifying any suspicious individuals or items at the station was all conceivable through gathering and breaking down the got 4K records appeared on the server.

Samsung’s 5G arrangements were utilized to direct the show. KDDI was in charge of surveying and structuring the 5G test condition at the train station, which was given by Keikyu Corporation, while Waseda University gave the checking framework, VR goggles and video assessment.

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